Solid Wood Doors.

Inspired by the beauty and natural grain of timber, our doors provide all the benefits of a modern door, but with memorable characteristics and rustic charm of a reclaimed and solid wood surface. Greater attention to detail will deliver more aesthetically pleasing environment for people using the space. Doors contribute to a very important part of your interior design not only fulfilling its functional elements, but also creating a stylish centrepiece that defines style of your entire home. All of our doors are made from solid wood. Each door has been hand made with utmost care. We use high-quality concealed door hinges and for doors finishes water based matt vanish.

Innerører lages på mål etter kundes ønske – leveres med  fire forskjellige overflater med enten vertikale eller horisontale paneler; totalt åtte varianter. Nærmere informasjon kommer april 2020.

Innerdør m/karm

​Surface of the doors are made from reclaimed sun burned wood. In each plank You can see how in the run of years the timber has matured in the sun, wind and rain, acquiring its unique appearance.

Innerdør m/karm 10407

​Surface of the doors are made from reclaimed hand hewn wood. The work with genuine reclaimed wood is a constant meeting with history. Every plank bears the handwriting of an craftsman, his thought, feelings, mood, that couldn’t be ereased by the ravages of time.

Eik innerdør m/karm

The surface of doors is made from solid oak. Oak wood is an excellent material for doors, because of its density, durability and natural beauty. In order to enhance the natural beauty of oak its surface has been brushed. 

Innerdør m/karm 10412

Door surface made from reclaimed hand hewn sunburned beams. This material not only bears the handwriting of an craftsman, but also have been left under the influence of wind, rain and sun for decades. Carefully processed and cleaned with greatest attention to the color and texture

Wood Treatment.

Our collection consists of four different wood treatment techniques – Sun Burned Brushed Wood, Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beam Wood, Reclaimed Sun Burned Hand Hewn Wood and Solid Oak Wood option. Boards on door leaf may be placed horizontally or vertically. All collections are treated with water based matt varnish for protection against day to day knocks, scuffs, dust and dirt. 

Door Set Package.

Our current range comes as a door set inclusive of door leaf, frame, concealed door hinges, mortise lock, strike plate, weather seal and frame. Door handle is not included in price and can be picked from our partner via by following link here. Architrave dimension is 8cm. Door leaf is available in 60cm / 70cm / 80cm or 90cm width. Door leaf height is 200cm. For example outside frame  for 60cm wide door is 208/68/8cm.

Additional Information.

Each door is build from three layers in order to strengthen its durability. Door weighs between 80 -100kg for solid oak option. Doors may be ordered without door handles. Doors can be treated with fire resistant lacquer for extra £5/sqm. Manufacturing and delivery lead time is 4-5 weeks. Prices indicated on this page are VAT inclusive but no delivery charge has been adde

Beauty of Natural Product.

A product is natural which has been made by using the antique timber or solid wood and its surface may not be completely homogeneous in terms of its colour and finish. This natural effect provides individuality and may not be considered as the basis for claims. This should be seen as a unique extra as not made in factory like plastic materials or OSB boards.

Alt innen rustikk treverk